Mt.kailash & Lake Manasarovar Tour

Mt.kailash & Lake Manasarovar Tour

Kailash & Manansarovar Trip
Duration : 14 Nights / 15 Days

Mt. Kailash, location in far west corner of Tibet is the most sacred peak of Asia. The beauty of the 6700- meter high Mount Kailash, that looks like a symmetrical cone shaped rock capped by pure crystalline ice all the time, is echoed in various mythological mythological and literary works.


Dominating the north of the Himalayan Barrier with its spectacular view, the mount kailash is equally venerated as the holiest pilgrimage site by Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Bon-Po. Tibetans regard this mountain as the manifestation of Mount Meru,”thr navel of the earth” where founder of bon religion, Tonpa Shenrab, is believed to have descended from heaven.
The Hindus are abode of Lord Shiva, Buddhists are as the abode of Samvara and Jain are as a sacred site where their prophet , Rishaba attained spiritual enlightenment. With its four sheer wals, distinctive snow-capped peak, and valleys interspersed with brightly-clad Tibetans pilgrims ,Mount kailash or kang Rimpoche(`Precious snow-peak’, as know by the Tibetans) is an awe-ispring sight.Four greate rivers of Asia: the Karnali, the Indus, the Sutleg and the Brahmaputra(Tsangpo) originate from here. A three -day trek (Parikrama or Kora) around Mount Kailash over a 5630 meter Drolma La(Pass), clockwise for Buddhists and Hindus, and anti-clockwise followers of the ancient Bon religion, is said to erase the sins of a lifetime.
To complete the kailash pilgrimage one should bath in the sacred Lake Manasarovar, stunningly set on the Tibetan plateau bordered by the majestic Gural Mandata.

Since, the trail to Mt.Kailash leads through the remote areas in Tibet therefore, it is requested that one should not expect luxury during their trip to Mt.Kailash but, we will try our best make comfortable to our valued guests with the help of our experienced crew members.

Day 01: Kathmandu(1300m) arrival: arrival at Kailash&MansarovarYatra1KathmanduInt’L airpot(1300 mates),meet/Greet and transfer to hotel, free for your owe/ Dinner.


Day 02: Kathmandu : Breakfast, trip to temples and to Hotel for lunch. After lunch, final preparation for yatra i.e , checking and demonstration of equipment which will be used during the yatra. If anybody need to buy one get things on hire, our staff will help out, Dinner.

Day 03: Drive to Nylam(153k), 3750m: Morning after breakfastKailash&MansarovarYatra3 drive Kathmandu to Nyalam[3800M]. We drive to Friendship Bridge[Nepal-China Border]. Walk along for 10 minutes to cross the bridge. After accomplishment all the immigration and custom formalities meet Chinese guide and land cruiser drivers, the processed the journey to Zangmu, Nyalam, Arrival at Nyalam and overnight stay in a guesthouse.

Day 04: Rest Day at Nylam, 3750m: It is more a day for acclimatization.

Day 05: Saga/4450m or Dongba:(Labug-La 5050m, Peku-tso and Kailash&MansarovarYatra4Saga, 245 KM) On the first long driving day over the sandy and rocky land of Tibet, other sites late afternoon you will cross Bharmha Putra River on the way to typical Chinese and Tibetan town. Overnight in Saga.

Kailash&MansarovarYatra6Day 06: Manasarovara(4558m)500km: The longest driving day starts with full of excitement, Jeeps and trucks roll on the wide valley following rivers and grazing land of yaks and sheep. For south you can see snow covered peaks nearby you, nomad and other mobile shopkeepers are attired by beautiful traditional costume, waiting for you arrival with hot tea and other supplies along with big smile.

By the late afternoon you can have the first sight of Holy Kailash parbat and Manasarovaraa. Hore, it is a small village nearby Lake Manasarovara.At 14950-ft/4558m. The highest lake of fresh water with turquoise complexion in the world is full of fishes and swans. Holy Kailash Parbat, Mt. Gurula-mandata, lake Rasheksi are laying on its surrounding. The regions is considered rich for gold and other mines, hot springs and hundreds of wild living creatures. Night halt beside Manasarovar.

Day 07: Puja and drive to Tachen(14975 ft): Manasarovara is the lake Kailash&MansarovarYatra5of compassion tranquility and bliss. After completing the memorable morning Bath and Puja we will heading towards Tarchen. It is considered as a base camp for the Holy Kailash Parikrama.

Day 08: Trek to Dehara Puk/5000m: It is one of the exciting days walking along the beautiful rock cliffs; waterfalls with some clouds in the clear sky makes you fells the Great God Shiva is everywhere with tons of blessings to you. Times to time the face of Kailash Parbat will keep on appearing. For 10 km trail it takes almost 7 hrs.

Day 09: Hardest but Holiest day of your pilgrimage Yatra with Dolma-La(pass) kedarnath2of 18600ft between two valleys: Yamasthal should be crossed to reach the Shiva-sthal, here there is the symbolical death, Pilgrimages leave the Old clothes, spin of hair or adrop of blood in hope, that terrible Yamraja(The master of death) will attention to these signed and will allow the Yatries(travelers)to be born in spirit to pass Dolma-la. the pass associates at Buddhists with the goddess Container, and at Hindu with Parvati, divine wife misters Shiva. On the pass tourists and pilgrimage hang out the Tibetan flags, on success. While your steps goes closer to the pass, Once you reach the top, just do the holiest offerings and sit down for mediation to forgot yourself. Once your steps go down, Parvati-sthal and Gauri kundu are on the way. By the late afternoon you will arrive at Zuthal Puk(th cave of Miracles. The great ascetic Milerappa is supposed ti have performed miracles here).

Day 10: End of Kailash Parikrama and drive to Manasarovara: badriAfter walking 3 hours, all the driving crew will be waiting for arrival. By the late afternoon you will be at you camp beside the Lake Manasarovara.

Day 11: Drive Manasarovara to Dongpa or Saga(460Km)/Overnight rest at hotel.

Day 12: Drive Saga to Nylam or Zang Mu:(296)/Overnight Kailash&MansarovarYatra2rest at hotel.

Day 13: Drive back to Kathmanudu(150 km)/Overnight rest at hotel.


Day 14: Transfer to airport for you onward flight.filgth_up


include in package:
Meeting representatives upon arrival at the airport ,
All transfers ,sightseeing and excursion program in transport with air conditioned .
guide during tour ( French ,Italian, Japanese , Russian , German , all language)
Accommodation in hotel in a twin room .
Breakfast .
All taxes.

Does not include:
Entrance fees to monuments.
Personal expenses ( telephone calls, laundry, drinking mini-bar in the room , etc).

a) Existing churches must take off one’s shoes and cover their heads. have socks and scarf
b) Registration and check-out from the hotel at 12 noon.
c) In the absence of a specific hotel locations will be allocated a room in another hotel of the category .
d) Accommodation (only) children under 4 years free without extra bed .