Ayurveda With Vedic Tour

Ayurveda With Vedic Tour

Ayurveda Tour With Vedic Tour
14 nights,  15 days, 

Ayurveda , the science of life, prevention and longevity is the oldest and most holistic medical system available on the planet today. It was placed in written form over 5,000 years ago in India, it was said to be a world medicine dealing with both body and the spirit. Before the advent of writing, the ancient wisdom of this healing system was a part of the spiritual tradition of the Sanatana Dharma (Universal Religion), or Vedic Religion. VedaVyasa, the famous sage, shaktavesha avatar of Vishnu, put into writing the complete knowledge of Ayurveda, along with the more directly spiritual insights of self realization into a body of scriptural literature called the Vedas and the Vedic literature.

There are two main re-organizers of Ayurveda whose works are still existing in tact today – Charak and Sushrut. The third major treatise is called the Ashtanga Hridaya, which is a concise version of the works of Charak and Sushrut. Thus the three main Ayurvedic texts that are still used today are the Charak SamhitaSamhita, Sushrut Samhita and the Ashtangha Hridaya Samhita.
 01 Day - Delhi ,- Jaipur, 265 kms,5 hrs, Welcome toayurveda7 the land of the first civilization. You arrive in   Delhi – the capital of India.  Meeting at  the airport, transfer to Jaipur accommodation and leisure. Overnight.

 02 Day - Early morning start your program yoga and meditation , and Ayurveda (panchkarma) ,body massage every day yoga class held in hospital ayurveda10doctor will give speech about yoga and meditation and about Ayurveda ,and asanas , pranayama , etc, different kind of yoga learn you such as aims of yoga, meaning of yoga, way to health ,benefit of postures ,yoga and fitness ,yoga and stress, philosophy and yoga ,states of mind, pranayam ,chakras ,eight limbs, etc,

Yoga focuses on harmony between mind and body. The word yoga is derived ayurveda6from the Sanskrit word “yuj” and means union or merger. The ultimate aim of this philosophy is to strike a balance between mind and body and attain self-enlightenment. Yoga offers several methods to reach this goal. Physical movements, breath, posture, relaxation and meditation are taught in a scientific manner in order to establish a healthy, lively and balanced approach to life.

03 Day - Regular start program yoga , meditation , asanas and your ayurveda6treatment etc, meaning of asanas asanas one of the yoga’s most significant “tools” help the sincere student develop physically and spiritually . sages believed that if you put your whole heart into your practice you become a master of your circumstances and time , you will start to jaipur sightseeing amber fort , jantarmantra, hawamahal, jalmahal etc

04 Day - Early in the morning start your program continuity yoga ,therapy ,massage, pranayam, etc and consultation with doctor every day and doctor will give special class for yoga for stress , stress is as old civilization itself. the ancient sages understood the impact on the mind and body of the turmoil life . yoga helps detach the mind from this turmoil and allows you to face the effects of stress with equilibrium ,

05 Day - Every day yoga class held in hospital doctor will give speech about ayurveda4yoga and meditation and about Ayurveda ,and asanas , different kind of yoga learn you such as aims of yoga, meaning of yoga, free you r all hospital program you move to local jaipur city and temples such as birla temple ,govindev temple ,ganesh temple ,

06 Day - Yoga and fitness, exercise usually involves quick and forceful body movements .iayurveda7t has repeated actions which often lead to exertion .tension,and fatigue. Yoga asanas . On the other hand .involve movements which bring stability to the body. The senses. The mind. intellect .the consciousness . and finally to the conscience. The very essence of an asana is steady movement. A process that does not simply end. But find fulfillment in tranquility. free your ayurveda program –you will visit near kalayan temple and galataji ,

07 Day -  Free your Ayurveda program you will move to ranthambhor-national park ayurveda5180 kms , 3hrs , The famous ruler of Ranthambore was Rao Hammir Deo Chauhan who fought against Alauddin Khilji in 1301 A.D. Govinda, the grand son of Prithviraj Chauhan took over the reign on this land in the 13th century. Later, he was succeeded by Vagbhatta who built a stately temple at Jhain and beautified Ranthambore. Many battles were fought. Many rulers won and lost. In the middle of the 15th century, Rana Kumbha captured the fort and later handed it over to his son. Thereafter, the Hada Rajputs of Bundi and the Mughal emperors, Akbar and Aurangzeb, occupied this magnificent fort. When Aurangzeb died, the Mughal Emperor Shah Alam gifted it to Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh I of Jaipur in 1754 and since then it was maintained as the private hunting preserve of the Maharajas of Jaipur. Ranthambore was then the private hunting reserve of the Maharaja of Jaipur. Among the more famous who were part of these hunting parties were Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh.

08 Day - Start your hospital program yoga ,asanas, massage ,medication , pranayam, full body relax ,etc and doctor consult about asanas ,and types of asanas ,meaning of asanas –ther e is a more to practicing asanas correctly than merely the physical aligning of the body. The classic postures .when practiced with discrimination and awareness. Bring the body .mind .intelligence. nerves. Consciousness. And the self .together into a single. Harmonious whole. Asanas may appear to deal with the physical boday along but .in fact

09 Day - Start your health program panchakarma and detoxification program.ayurveda3obesity and weight reduction program program, yoga , massage ,and all treatment ,
10 days-free your hospital program you will move to Ajmer and pushkar in ajmer situated dargha sufi sant , Hemmed in by hills, on the bank of the Anna Sagar, amidst blissful natural surroundings is situated the small town of Ajmer, an amalgamation of religion, history and sculpture. This sacred place is an important meeting ground of Hindu and Muslim religions. It is said that 7 trips to Ajmer is equivalent to a trip to Mecca.

Ajmer is not a modern town. Founded by Raja Ajaypal Chauhan in the early part of 7th century, it is believed that the town was named after its founder. This pious medieval town is visited by large number of devotees to visit the famous Dargah-e-Sharif of the revered sufi saint, Khawaja Moin-ud-din Chisti of the 12th century AD.

Apart from the famous tomb, the sacred town has several attractive sites like Anasagar Lake, Taragarh Fort and a whole lot more where one will be smitten by the architectural excellence of the Mughal era and the wonderful equilibrium of Hindu and Muslim culture.l

Admire the strong pillars supporting the Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra, experience the royal aura surrounding the Akbar’s Palace. Relish the gold work on the walls of the Nasiyan Jain Temple. While visiting the splendid Taragarh Fort enjoy the greatness of the architectural skills of the Rajputs. If history does not fascinate you, spend some moments on the bank of the Ana Sagar and relax at the tastefully manicured Daulat Bagh. Walk on the perfectly carved marble pavillions and thank the great emperor Shah Jahan for his taste. After rolling back time, visit the famous villages like Beawar and Tilonia to get a taste of rustic beauty and exquisite handicrafts item. VisitAjmer, the charming land of spiritualism, history and tradition.then move to pushakar is the holy palace of hindu religious and barhama temple in the pushak.move to jaipur.
11 days-early in the morning start your hospital program yoga .pranayam,


Proper breathing profoundly improves our whole physical and mental well being. TShirodhara_treatmenthe Breathe is intimately connected with our state of health and improper breathing will often reflect various disturbances of body and mind. The breath is perhaps the only physiological process that can be either voluntary or involuntary. One can breathe with awareness and control the breathing process consciously or one can ignore it and breathe reflexively or unconsciously. If the breath is unconscious, it falls under the control of primitive parts of the brain, where emotions, thoughts and feelings of which we have little or no awareness become involved. In this way the regularity and rhythms of the breath are disturbed and it flows in an uncoordinated way, creating havoc in the body and mind. Pranayama is the yogic technique to bring the breathing in regularity, rhythmic and balanced. Lot of techniques is involved in Pranayama.

In the Pranayama practices there are four important aspects of Breathing, these are:
- Pooraka or inhalation.
- Rechaka or exhalation.
- Antar kumbhaka or retention of breath after inhalation.
- Bahir kumbhaka or retention of breath after exhalation.

This is an advanced stage of Pranayama, which occurs during high states of meditation. During this state, the lungs stop their activity and the respiration ceases. At this time, the veil, which prevents one from seeing the subtle aspects of existence, is lifted and a higher vision of reality is attained.
The most important part of Pranayama is actually kumbhaka or breath retention. However, in order to perform kumbhaka successfully, there must be a gradual development of control over the function of respiration. These practices influence the flow of prana in the nadis, purifying, regulating and activating them, thereby inducing phsical and mental stability:
- Kapalbhati
- Bhastrika
- Agnisar
- Anulom vilom
- Sheetali
- Seetkari
- Bhramari
- Ujjayi
- Nadi Shodhana
- Surya Bheda


Shirodhara is both profound and subtle. In the Ayurvedic clinics of South India this treatment is only offered daily in a series lasting at least a week, and possibly up to 21 days or more. It is only one therapeutic component of an over-all treatment plan that includes diet, herbal preparations, and prolonged relaxation. Clients are not encouraged to engage in any activity that stimulates thought. If one reads it is recommended that the material be conducive to spiritual thought. No sexual activity or intense physical activity is advised.

The effect of shirodhara is subjective. This treatment in particular represents an interface between the traditions of Yoga and Ayurveda. It creates a meditative sense of awareness as it is focusing and isolating. Dhara, which means “constant flow”, is contained in the word dharana, one of the seven stages of yoga realization, generally translated as “concentration”. The brow, of course, is that part of the external anatomy associated with the fundamental endocrine glands (pineal, pituitary, hypothalamus) which organize and regulate all hormonal secretions. Hormonal secretions are responsible not only for the autonomic responses which control digestion, breath, elimination, etc., but also our moods and emotional state. Shirodhara is meant to establish a state of parasympathetic repose, an ego-less state, during which the primal intelligence of our body can reorganize its constituents in a manner which leads to healing and well-being, their inherent purpose. Shirodhara can be applied in Ayurvedic healing for conditions of high Pitta as well as insomnia, memory loss, to enhance meditation, and for deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

12 Day – Start your treatment: For Men (A)

Tighten Vagina ,PCOD ,Endometriosis ,Female Infertility ,Female Low Libido ,ayurveda1Menopausal Syndrome ,Irregular menstruation ,Leucorrhea (Discharge) ,Fibroid ,Vaginitis ,Cervicitis ,Gout ,Stroke ,Osteoarhtritis ,Osteoporosis ,GIT Problems ,Constipation ,Weak Digestion ,Peptic ulcer ,Ulcerative Colitis ,Hepatitis ,Hepatitis B ,Hepatitis C ,Cirrhosis of Liver ,Skin / Acne Problems ,Acne Problem ,Psoriasis ,Hair Fall ,Dandruff ,Leucoderma ,Urticaria ,Auto Immune disorders ,Cancer ,Diabetes ,Weight Loss ,SLE ,Fibromyalgia ,Low immunity ,Cardiac system ,Hypertension ,Angina ,Heart failure ,High cholesterol ,Mental Disorders ,Stress ,nxiety ,Insomnia ,Migraine ,Low Memory ,Depression ,Respiratory system ,Asthma ,Allergy ,ENT Disorders ,Sinusitis ,Tinnitus ,Weak eye sight ,Renal Stones ,Kidney Failure ,Kid’s health


In Ayurveda rejuvenation strives to harmonize body, mind, and soul, through deep knowledge and understanding of nature and the inner self. Ayurvedayogashram helps individuals to understand their unique constitution (dosha). We provide daily-routine products, including our own hand-crafted, organic, herb-infused oils, as well as a variety of therapies that aid in rejuvenation and healing.

Male Low Libido
Low libido in men is a result of various factors such as low testosterone levels, reduce blood flow and other emotional issues such as stress, depression, anxiety etc.
Experiencing a loss of libido can have deep effects upon a man’s life, reaching far beyond the bedroom. Because sexual performance is closely related to feelings of confidence, difficulty in sexual functioning can lead to a general depression, as well as tension in intimate relationships and even physical and emotional withdrawal from life partners. When men experience a loss of libido, they suffer alone in silence. This is unfortunate, because there is now a great deal that can be done medically to help male sexual dysfunction. in addition, it is important to understand every man that, the loss of libido can indicate significant health problems.
Tribulus Terrestris or Gokshura is useful in to treat sexual dysfunctions in men, to increase low sex drive in males. It is useful in to increase low libido in males.

Causes for Low Libido :
- Anxiety and stress cause low libido
- Having sex by compulsions with a person whom you do not like.
- Controlling sexual urges for longer duration leading to obstruction of semen which in turn results in low libido.
- Overindulgence in sexual activities leading to low quantity of semen.

13 Day – Start regular program

Male Impotence
Impotence is the failure of a man to achieve or maintain an erection, and is more common in older men. Sometimes this term ‘impotence’ is also used when a man can have an erection but cannot ejaculate semen.
Modern sciences have defined impotence as an inability to perform the sexual act, because of either a failure to initiate or sustain an erection or a failure to ejaculate intra-vaginally.
Ayurveda considers sexual functions as an important part of a persons and life and puts it as a purpose of his existence. It is considered to be poor erectile functions or erectile dysfunction.

Causes of Impotence :
- Eating spicy, salty and hot food increase pitta and destroys shukra.
- Having sex by compulsion with a person whom you do not like.
- Anxiety and stress cause Impotence.

14 Day – Start your all kinds hospital programayurveda9
Breast Enlargement :
God has made no doubt women beautiful. Women with a properly shaped and proportionate body are really attractive. But there are some women who by some reason are not able to attain proper sized breast. This disproportioned breast size as compared to her body makes her less attractive and it’s a fact that no one pays attention to her their by her beauty is being disgraced.

Naturally Herbal Breast Enlargement Kit contain a breakthrough formula for natural breast enlargement. You can save thousands of dollars by avoiding expensive breast augmentation surgery. The recent advancements made by our centre Ayurveda Yogashram in herbal medicine have shown marvelous result. So here we have wonderfulherbal remedies for Breast enlargement.
Breasts contain no muscles but only fat cells, milk-ducts and glands held together in a web of soft connective tissue so by exercising you cannot increase the bust size. Neither wills exercising directly reduces a heavy bust. This is especially true if your breasts are heavy if however you are over weight. A weight reducing diet combined with regular exercises will help you to reduce your weight as well as you bust size.

Causes of Sagging Breast :
According to Ayurvedic principals chronic infections, stress, Leucorrhoea, menstrual period problems leads to breast sagging or low breast size  .

Ayurvedic Treatment for Breast Enlargement :

We have a wonderful Ayurvedic & herbal product for breast enlargement. A blend of herbs which are available in the form of cream which will act by:

- Lift Up your breasts, bring you the ideal breasts
- Instant Breast firmness & enhancement
- Increases the overall breast size from 1 to 3 cup size
- Promotes development of the lobules and then alveoli of the breasts
- Protection from the free radicals
- Stimulates the glandular tissue growth
- Stimulates the development of the mammary tissues
- Lengthen the milk ducts
- Stimulate and expand the fat tissues
- Develop stromal tissues right of the breast
- Stimulating blood to better to get nourish skin
- Improves the breast shapes & size with more visible cleavage.

15 Day – Jaipur,Delhi,265 kms 5.30 hrs /m, Free your hospital program move to Delhi.

Include in package:
Meeting representatives upon arrival at the airport ,
All transfers ,sightseeing and excursion program in transport with air conditioned .
guide during tour ( French ,Italian, Japanese , Russian , German , all language)
Accommodation in hotel in a twin room .
Breakfast .
All taxes.

Does not include:
Entrance fees to monuments.
Personal expenses ( telephone calls, laundry, drinking mini-bar in the room , etc).

a) Existing churches must take off one’s shoes and cover their heads. have socks and scarf
b) Registration and check-out from the hotel at 12 noon.
c) In the absence of a specific hotel locations will be allocated a room in another hotel of the category .
d) Accommodation (only) children under 4 years free without extra bed .