Vedic tours & travels takes its name from “Vedas”, the store house of higher wisdom. Knowledge that was heard or orally communicated first to the saints & sages and then from them to their disciples. Vedas are also said to be direct gift from God to man. It was only centuries later that man compiled this information to form of four volumes of what’s called Vedas.

Translated for us, Vedic means relating to knowledge - knowledge of India, her culture & traditions, experience of the culture and values besides understanding the needs of a foreign visitor to the country. The direct result of this knowledge and experience over time is expertise in presenting India further to those wanting to know and experience as much as possible within limited time.

Our best clients stand by our side and recommend our services to others, the prime reason of our success

We cater all travel related services, like hotel accommodation, transportation, domestic as well as international air passage, train tickets and luxury train packages, services of guide, escort & interpreteurs, foreign exchange.

While we also service Corporate Clients and provide for conference facilities, our major thrust is towards Leisure and Adventure Tours.

About India

India is the world’s seventh-largest country stretching from the high mountains of the Himalayas to the tropical greenery of Kerala, and from the sacred Ganges to the sands of the Thar desert. Its more than one billion inhabitants are divided into two thousand ethnic groups and speak over 200 different languages.

India’s rich history and its cultural and geographical diversity make its international tourism appeal large and diverse. It presents heritage and cultural tourism along with medical, business, educational and sports tourism.

Conform its size and population, India has an almost endless variety of cultures, landscapes, monuments and places to explore. From the ancient ruins, fascinating religious structures, exotic cities and diverse landscape there is an endless collection of tourist attractions in India that will never cease to awe and fascinate the visitor

Tour Packages

We arrange Heritage Tours, Wildlife Tours, Cultural Tours, Ayurveda & Spa Holidays, Rural & Tribal Tours, Adventure Tours (Trekking, Rafting, Camel & Horse Safari, Jeep Safari), Pilgrim Tours and Educational/Study tours & much more to suite every budget.


We are working with over hundreds of hotels across India and in neighboring countries. Our long association with them allows us rate advantage, which we pass on to our customer.