Pandit Ji


Mr. Pandit ji Sharma Kadzhod Mal is a co-founder of Non-Profit Partnership ” The Vedic Technology” ( Russia ) , as well as the author of the international project ” The Vedic Technology – for a happy and healthy life ,” which is sold in Russia , Western Europe and South East Asia since 2000. In Russia Pandit -ji is engaged in research , consultancy and humanitarian activities.

The social status Mr. Pandit -ji Kadzhod Mal Sharma belongs to the intellectual elite of India – the caste of Brahmins , has a doctorate in philosophy, is a specialist in the field of Sanskrit , Vedic astrology , astro-psychology , Vedic Architecture, and by right of birth , an expert in Vedic ceremonies .

Research interests – ancient knowledge of India and how they adapt to modern conditions of the East and the West. As a Vedic scholar Pandit -ji Sharma Kadzhod Mala interested in issues related to the origin of Indo-European peoples , revealing signs of their common culture. It is known that in the field of archeology and ancient history to find an answer to the question – “When and where the foundations were laid culture of Indo-European peoples ? ” – Remains elusive.

Thanks to the sponsorship of Pandit -ji Kadzhod Mala Sharma , every year in the summer in Russia , the international school – workshops on Vedic Technologies in places where modern historians have found evidence of ancient Aryans – the Altai Region ( June 2005 ) , on about. Olkhon ( Lake Baikal , July 2006 ) , in Arkaim (July 2007 , the Southern Urals, the Museum Sintashta culture ) in August 2007, Pandit -ji Sharma Kadzhod Mal led an expedition to Tibet ( around Mount Kailash Yatra ) . In July 2008 – again Altai foothills of Mount Belukha ( in Sanskrit is the name sounds like ” Sumeru “), in 2009 an expedition to the Himalayas , and in July 2010. – School in Khakassia. All school – workshops are held with the participation of professors from universities in Jaipur and New Delhi (India), as well as the Pandits of the Ashrams . In August of 2011. The school will be the next in the South Urals. Immediately prior to the work of the School , July 24 , the Festival will be held in Chelyabinsk Indian culture with visitors from India ( Brahmins , university professors , only 11 people ) .


Mr. Pandit -ji Sharma Kadzhod Mal holds presentations , lecture series , seminars on Vedic Architecture , Sanskrit , Jyotish to university students and students of other audiences in different Russian cities . In Tomsk, in autumn 2009 . book was published by Pandit -ji Vedic Architecture , which can be regarded as a practical guide for the construction of housing in Russia in accordance with the laws of cosmic harmony of the universe. Under his leadership, preparing for the next edition of the book – on Yoga as a technology to maintain ideal health and gaining longevity.

Contacts in India: 02015 , India, Jaipur ┬źVedic Technology┬╗, tel . +9-194-614-00197,,, skype: kajolshastri